The 13 Worst Defects a Pre-Purchase Inspection Can Reveal

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31 Mar, 2018

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The pre-purchase inspection of a condo, house or multiplex is the only tool that lets a buyer know the physical condition of a property that he is intending to acquire before concluding the transaction. By having a property inspected by a building inspector before buying it, the buyer fulfils his duty of due diligence. In addition, he fulfils his obligation of prudent and diligent examination of the building that falls to him under Section 1726 of the Quebec Civil Code so that he can preserve his rights in relation to any potential recourse for latent defects against the vendor. It is understood that the legislator would never have imposed these obligations on the buyer if it did not consider it worthwhile.

Quite rightly, among all the things that a buyer might fear who has purchased a house without having it inspected, that of discovering certain hidden defects or apparent defects that existed at the time of purchase and that an inspector could have easily spotted, wins hands down.

13 defects that await you if you have not done a pre-purchase inspection of your property before heading to the notary and taking possession

We will certainly not be doing you a favour if we don’t tell you that what has unfortunately happened already to a number of Quebecers is that they have realized too late that they committed the blunder of their lives when they purchased a property without having a pre-purchase inspection done and have found themselves affected by one of these 13 defects:

  • Foundation subsidence, sagging roof, or other major structural problems;
  • Faulty or non-standard water supply (lead-based water inlet);
  • Defective or non-standard wastewater disposal system (check or backflow valve missing);
  • Defective or non-standard electricity supply network (electrical panel with fuses instead of circuit breakers, aluminum wiring, faulty or missing grounding, overloaded circuits, etc.);
  • Presence of mould;
  • Presence of asbestos;
  • Presence of pyrite;
  • Presence of Pyrrhotite;
  • Water infiltration (through the roof, foundation, exterior cladding, doors and windows);
  • Missing or inadequate insulation (in the attic, building envelope);
  • Deficient sealing (of foundations, exterior cladding, doors and windows, bathtubs and showers);
  • Lack of ventilation or inadequate ventilation (in the basement, kitchens, bathrooms attic);
  • Infestation of pests.

Do you really want to do without a pre-purchase inspection?

We hope that you will not purchase without a legal guarantee, at your own risk and peril, as well.

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